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CrossFit Group Training

WOD 4/24/14

2014-01-08 15.57.09


L3: Box Squat 8×2 @ 65% 1rm

L2: Front Squat 7×3 @ 75% 1rm

L1: OH Squat 3×10 second holds: bottom of the…

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RVA Endurance

Endurance, We’re Different

Milo after the run

Photo by Kat: Milo after a 6 mile run.

While it’s not uncommon to see similarities in our Endurance programming and the regular daily wod.  We…

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RVA Fit 4/24/14



Amrap 3
Air Squats

rest 1min

Amrap 3

rest 1min

Amrap 3
Box Jumps

rest 1 min

Amrap 3

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Our Events

Recovery and Performance for the Crossfit Athlete Seminar


So the Open is over and you are a broken, weary Crossfitter.

What now?

Is your mobility a daily struggle?

Do your shoulders give you…

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Our Articles

Post-Open Training Cycle

Tomorrow begins a new batch of programming, our first cycle after the end of the Open. Every year, we continue to gain insight from our programming,…

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CrossFit RVA is a gym dedicated to the pursuit of fitness and performance.

Become part of a community dedicated to progress, under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Supportive Community

Through our CrossFit Group Classes we provide everything necessary to achieve your goals. From the time warm-ups begin until the training session is over, our instructors will guide you, providing instruction and encouragement. Feel confident knowing that you’re performing effective movements safely and efficiently, allowing you to perform better during any physical activity.

Superior Fitness

Our facility provides an alternative to the typical gym experience. Training sessions are generally short, challenging, and skill-based. We trade the machines that have become a staple at many gyms for effective training in weightlifting, basic bodyweight movements, kettlebells, and many other strength and conditioning methods that we have found to be effective. The workouts are constantly changing, keeping it interesting and exciting. Under the diligent eye of our instructors, we’re able to adjust challenging workouts to fit the needs of all fitness levels safely and effectively.

We see training not simply as a way to stay in shape, but as a process of continual self-improvement. Our members have reached goals in athletic performance, general fitness, and weight loss.