WOD 03/01/12

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Today’s WOD:

Yoke Walk
Farmer’s Walk
Prowler Push

You’ll have 10 minutes to complete a heavy 50′ length. Score is total weight moved successfully.

Lot’s of snatching for the Open this week. Get your mobility work in beforehand and think some of these concepts over.

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  1. Open Wod 2: 60 reps. I watched the video link & I think it helped me not hurt myself. Haluk had some good advice this AM in retrospect – I should have warmed up with some full squat snatches instead of just focusing on power snatches. After 60 power snatches, I couldn’t get my brain to change over to a squat snatch.
    Thanks to Julie, Morgan & Haluk for joining me this AM! fun times.

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