WOD 05/02/12

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Today’s WOD:

Bench Press
3×5 (+2.5-5#)


30 Double Unders
20 Wall Balls (20#/14#)
10 V Ups

Barefoot concrete running better than grass? While I understand the concept of barefoot running, most of us live in an urban environment where running barefoot just isn’t safe for the feet. You’d be hard pressed to find a stretch of concrete in the RVA that is bereft of objects that could puncture your foot. Wear (minimalist) shoes.

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  1. BP @ 165

    Couldn’t remember what a “V-up” was so did kinda a pike push-up thing to activate the shoulders and back more than the chest.


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      1. Hey Brian, thanks dude. Been training at various Golds (I know, don’t hate) since I travel a LOT now and they are pretty much in every city I visit. Base is RVA/DC but being a road warrior doesn’t leave much time for CFRVA.

        I’ll stop by and check out the new place next time I have a free Sat 😉

  2. Running barefoot a bit helps train your stride for minimalist shoes, and it was useful for me to start out that way.

    But I agree. Running barefoot around most of Richmond = AIDS from used needle.

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