WOD 05/22/12

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Today’s WOD:

Overhead Squat


1 Mile Run
1 km Row
100 Hammer Swings
100 Sit-Ups

Can be completed in any order or combination.

Lunging with WOD balls.

Comments 8

  1. 22:08. 25 situps, run a mile, 25 sit ups, 50 hammer swings, row 1K, 50 hammer swings, 25 sit ups. I think running the mile slowed me down — without anyone else running at the same time, I lapsed into a fairly relaxed pace. I like having a pace car.

  2. Would’ve loved to break up the run. Noon all had to do the mil, then the row, then break as desired. 19:47ish

    4 rnds 25 sit ups and hammers

  3. 19:42,

    25 situps, mile run, 25 situps, 1k row, 25 situps, 100 swings, 25 situps

    Probably would have done better to break everything up instead of just the situps.

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