Why CrossFit RVA?

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In 2007, when CrossFit RVA opened it’s doors, we were the only option if you were interested in doing CrossFit in Richmond, VA. We were lucky to find CrossFit early, but much has changed since then. Once, CrossFit was an underground phenomena, now you can find CrossFit Games reruns on ESPN, and CrossFit articles routinely in the media.

Richmond is fortunate to have several great CrossFit gyms and a supportive CrossFit community. Each CrossFit gym is different, and may have it’s own unique appeal. When looking for a CrossFit gym, you should still consider certain things when determining which gym is the best fit for you.

So, why CrossFit RVA?

Older and Wiser

Yeap, we’re Richmond’s original CrossFit gym. Starting in early 2007, we’re also one of the first 150 CrossFit gyms in the country, and one of the first in Virginia as well.

We have a full-time staff, outside of the ownership. Our general manager has a Masters in Exercise Physiology and 10+ years of training experience. Our other full-time instructor and events manager has a bachelor’s degree in human health, performance, and exercise.

Size Matters

Outside of experience, there’s some benefits to being the first. We’ve developed into the largest facility in the area. While this comes with some of the obvious amenities, like ample equipment, heat and AC, and convenient parking, it also means that we can run large classes with ease. You won’t feel like you’re being crammed into a hot, dark box here. It also means we can offer programs and services outside of CrossFit group classes, and host additional seminars and events.


Everyone says they’re an expert. We could hang our laurels on just having years of experience under our belt. But, we put that expertise to good use. CrossFit is built on combination of many different training methods. We’ve made it our duty to explore those methods diligently. We host host multiple competitions throughout the year for Olympic weightlifting and strongman. We also host routine seminars in weightlifting, basic gymnastics, running, recovery, and more.


No other CrossFit gym in the area has the depth of services that we do. Looking to change your diet? We have a prepared meals service, fED, that drops off at the gym. Need a massage? River City Massage is on site to schedule your next appointment.

Outside of CrossFit, we offer many ways to train. Connect with your inner yogi through our yoga program, Yoga RVA. Tackle your next 10K or mud run with RVA Endurance. If you’re looking to give strength sports a try, we have a dedicated Olympic Weightlifting team and Strongman program.

Time to Decide

You’ve got a big choice ahead of you. Make a commitment to CrossFit RVA, and it will change your life. We’re looking forward to training with you.

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