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You’ve probably trained at a big gym before, joining the bored masses, wearing your headphones, and doing your best to ignore everyone else in the room. You wander around, working through a few machines without direction, hop on the treadmill for 30, and leave.

Maybe you had a personal trainer in the past. Your sessions went well at first, but over time, you found your workouts stayed the same (and so did the costs), and you stopped making progress like you first did.

You may even be one of the few that knows how to train effectively, but can’t find the right place to do so. You get dirty looks for making noises, dropping weight, or in general, training hard. Everyone else at the gym is content reading their magazines as they plug away on elliptical hell.

Crossfit RVA is dedicated to teaching you how to train in an effective, safe, and motivating way. All classes are instructor-led and driven by our active community of motivated individuals.

Getting started is easy. We make sure that everyone who comes to us can be introduced to the program in a private setting with one of our instructors, and begins training with us in a class that is appropriate for their skill level.

Schedule a private Intro session

Through a one on one or small group Intro session with one of our instructors, you’ll get a chance to learn more about our program, and experience your first CrossFit workout with CrossFit RVA. These sessions are by appointment only, and are required before you start training with us, so we can get a better idea of what your goals are, and how we can best help you achieve them. During the sessions, we’ll assess your fitness level, prior experience, and any issues that may prevent you from making progress as quickly as possible.

  • Sign up for a private Intro using the form below. Please promptly reply once we contact you to schedule out your intro.
  • Make sure you know how to find us!.
  • Bring yourself, wearing typical gym clothes and tennis shoes. Water bottles are optional, and we have changing rooms at the gym.
  • Show up, be ready to ask questions, and get your first taste of training at CrossFit RVA!

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Use the form below to register for a private/small group introduction to CrossFit RVA. We’ll contact you shortly to schedule out a time for you to come in. If you’re available to come in during one of the already scheduled Intro times to the right, use that option instead.

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What do I do after my Intro?

After your intro session, feel free to show up to any of our “All Levels” classes to begin. Once you’re there, you’ll complete membership paperwork, and get to training.
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