14 Months – $120.0084.00

14 Months – $155.00108.50

14 Months – $140.0098.00

8 Months – $140.0098.00

8 Months – $180.00126.00

8 Months – $160.00112.00

4 Months – $160.00112.00

4 Months – $210.00147.00

4 Months – $180.00126.00

Show Student/Military Discount

All prices listed are per month for the selected membership length.


Drop-in rate is $15. Please show up 10 minutes before class to sign a waiver.

Membership Policies

  • Holds: All memberships may be placed on hold if you are pregnant/have a baby, ill, injured or you are a full-time college student that is on break for summer or winter. Minimum hold time is 1 month. Max hold time for students is 3 months.
  • Cancellations: All signed membership agreements are contracts, so please sign up for a membership length you feel comfortable with. Other than moving or injury, we will charge a two month penalty to release you from your contract before it’s expiration.
  • The membership agreement is the final say for all contract matters, please review it thoroughly before signing.
  • Discounts: We have a 30% discount for full-time students, active duty military, and fire, and law enforcement.
  • Colonial CrossFit: We allow one drop-in per week to our sister gym, Colonial CrossFit in Colonial Heights. Sign in as “RVA Guest” when at Colonial CrossFit.

Selecting a Membership Option

Please review the membership options above, and feel free to contact us with any questions. Membership paperwork will be filled in during your first class. All group class memberships are based on a contract/automatic draft system. Through our Group Classes, we provide many of the same services as a personal trainer – effective programming, qualified instruction, and nutritional counseling, in addition to the support of a community. Some things to keep in mind when selecting an option:

  • For many trainees, our Platinum (Unlimited) Membership is ideal. It includes unlimited access to our CrossFit, RVAFit, RVA Endurance, and Yoga RVA classes.
  • The Gold (3 classes per week) membership may be appropriate for those who have a great deal of other physical activity in their lives, where an Unlimited membership may be too much. Most people will continue to see some progress on a 3x a week membership indefinitely, but may not reach the fitness level of those who attend more frequently.
  • The Silver (2 classes per week) membership will work best for those who are recently sedentary. More fit individuals will usually require a higher training volume.

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