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Well well well. In the last email I called the situation “fluid”, because nearly every other COVID email I got used the word, and I thought it would be funny. But, joke is on me.  The situation was so fluid that 48 hours later I’m writing ANOTHER email.  And this one says that we’re closing at the end of the …

28 At Home Workouts

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Hey folks, If you’re a member, you’ll have access to at home workouts, and even more if we get to a point where the gym must close. For our friends who aren’t yet members, click the button below to download 28 simple at home workouts you can do with little ot no equipment! Stay safe!


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Alright folks.  We sent out an email Friday, 3/6, but a lot has changed since then! I know what you’re thinking – another COVID-19 update from a business I frequent?  Yes, that’s exactly what this is. Will they tell me how they’ve stepped up their cleaning and how I should wash my hands?  Yes, yes you are correct again. We …

The Holidays and Staying On Track

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The Holiday Season is here, and it can surely present a challenging time for anyone in a fat loss phase or trying to watch their intake and not gain some extra pounds. While I am all about sticking to your goals, I believe everyone should enjoy all of the “fun foods” around the Holidays with no guilt and still stay …

Holiday Survival Guide

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At RVA Performance Training, we take pride in the fact that we don’t give in to many of the holiday gym stereotypes. We have higher and more consistent attendance throughout the year, don’t see the typical slump during the holidays, and we don’t have the crazy New Year’s resolution gym rush quite like the other gyms. The fact is, joining …

Nutritional Periodization

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You’ve probably heard of periodizing your training, but did you know you can and should consider periodizing your nutrition?  I’ve practiced periodizing my nutrition for years now and I teach it to my clients as well. Nutritional periodization is the perfect way to prioritize your health while working towards your long term goal of fat loss. It’s the answer to …

2019 Fall CrossFit Open at RVA Performance Training

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We can’t believe the Open is almost here. I am going to give you some preliminary details to look out for, as we have some awesome things planned this year! This link breaks things down to an insanely simple easy to read format. Below is our weekly layout for the 5 weeks of the Open. There will be plenty of …

How To Find Your Starting Point For Counting Calories

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How many calories should you eat when you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle or both?  First things first. The most important thing to understand when you’re beginning this journey is knowing where your calories currently are, so tracking for a week is necessary. You might also want to invest in a food scale as it’s more accurate when you …

How to manage nutrition while traveling/vacationing

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With a little planning, you can travel and stay on track with your fitness and nutrition goals, while still enjoying the perks of vacation! Check out these simple strategies to help you stay on track when traveling or vacationing: Choose foods wisely when eating out, meaning, aim for a protein and vegetable at most meals, which will help keep your …