RVA performance Training is dedicated to teaching you how to train in a highly effective yet safe way that is appropriate to your fitness level. You begin your fitness journey with a free assessment that helps us align your goals with the right training program and Coach. From there you will move through classes and programs that help you increase your fitness level and reach your goals in record time.

Already have CrossFit or similar training experience?

In some cases, those with 6 months or more training experience at a CrossFit affiliate or Olympic weightlifting gym can go directly into our CrossFit or Barbell Group Coaching without additional personal training sessions (Elements).

Contact us to discuss options.


We want everyone who is interested in joining to come in for a free consultation before they commit so that you’ll know which program is right for you.

Feel free to bring a friend or partner and during your Intro session we will talk to you about your fitness goals, walk you through our programs and let you participate in a private fitness session. By the end of the session, we’re confident you’ll know which of our programs is the right fit for you.

When you’re ready to join, we will match you up with the perfect Instructor for your needs and goals and get you set up with the membership that works best for you.

  • Sign up for your FREE Intro Session

    You can come in by yourself or with a friend or partner. Appointments are required – use the form here to signup and we’ll be in touch to schedule your session.

  • Know where to find us

    Conveniently located at:
    2522-D Hermitage Road
    Richmond, VA 23220

  • Bring typical gym clothes and shoes

    Grab your favorite workout gear, a bottle of water and come on out. We have changing rooms and showers here at the gym for your convenience.

  • Show up ready to ask questions

    Come get a taste of RVA Performance Training and bring all your loaded questions – we’re ready with answers!

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For those joining our CrossFit or Barbell program, we will start you out with a series of personal training sessions we call “Elements of Fitness.”

These sessions can be one-on-one or you can bring a friend or partner and split the cost.

These sessions help you build a relationship with your instructor while addressing individual needs. They will help get you physically prepared to enter group training and avoid any injuries that may occur from jumping into a tough workout too fast.

These sessions are critical for your safety and also to ensure you never feel overwhelmed, out of shape or underprepared.


Once your Elements sessions are complete and you’re comfortable, you’ll join our Group Coaching sessions.

These instructor-led classes will have you training with like-minded people who are on a similar fitness level as yourself.

Keep in mind that no matter who is teaching your class, your Elements instructor is your instructor for life. That person will always be available to discuss issues, answer questions and ultimately hold you accountable for your goals.