Referral Program

We grow primarily through word of mouth referrals from members like you. If you have been enjoying your time training at CrossFit RVA and know someone else that we can help, please send us their name and email through the form below. We will send them one email letting them know you thought they would be a good candidate for our program, and invite them to come in for a free Intro session.

Effective with new memberships, members will receive the following of their choice:

  • One hour personal training session with their Instructor
  • $50 off the next month’s membership,
  • $65 Credit to Human Food Meal Service

These incentives are redeemable to the member after the person they refer signs up for a Group Class Membership. The referral incentive does not apply to temporary memberships, punch cards, Elements, and personal training, or to family members qualifying for the Family Discount.

If you would prefer to email your friend directly, please include these details:

-Everyone completes an Intro session, which is a one on one or small group session where an Instructor will give them a tour of the gym, explain the basics of CrossFit, take them through a short workout, and explain membership options.
-If they choose to sign up, everyone is assigned to an Instructor, usually the one that does their Intro, who do a handful of PT sessions with them to prepare them for the Group Classes so that they stay safe and can effectively start working toward their goals immediately.
-The gym is group class based. Everyone participates in classes led by one or more Instructors. We provide the workout, instruction, and encouragement while you train alongside other individuals interested in working hard to achieve their goals.

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