A challenging, fast-paced, yet enjoyable fitness program, RVAFit is great for all fitness levels and all goals! Each hour-long class is filled with bodyweight movements and a wide variety of equipment filled exercises ! No worries if you’re not a fan of a Barbell or Olympic Lifting in your workouts, WE GOT YOU!

“The Most Fun” fitness class in RVA also has the highest quality instruction, taught by a qualified instructor.

Come get fit, have fun and motivate each other along your fitness journey!

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Feel free to bring a friend or partner and during your Intro session we will talk to you about your fitness goals, walk you through the RVA Fit program and let you participate in a private fitness session. By the end of the session, we’re confident you’ll know how RVA Performance Training can best fit your needs. No strings attached and the consultation is always free.

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